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Discovery Channel
Zoologists ask what birds would do with human arms. Answer: Just what humans do. Subjugate others.

Watch these documentaries now before we find out their subjects committed multiple acts of sexual assault.

“Don Lemon Can’t Believe What He’s Hearing,” followed by “Anderson Cooper: Everything’s Ludicrous.”

“Entourage” now opens with a featurette by Susan Faludi that explains its historical context.

Fox News
Why Whites Wearing Surgical Masks Is Tyranny, While Stopping and Frisking Black People Is OK

Paramount Network
“Cops” opens with a featurette explaining its historical context two months ago.

“Catfish”: This love thing might be an illusion. Also, you’re dating someone online with a fake profile.

CNN Money
Love is an illusion but I’m forwarding my credit card numbers to a guy I met online anyway.

The Manscapers of “Backyard Envy” really ought to be imagining this outdoor space as being full of quarantine tents.

Are they really “The Real Housewives of Manhattan” if they have fled the pandemic and aren’t here to fill out their census forms for important tax and political redistricting purposes?

The Real Housewives Remote After the After Show Show

Cash Cab: If you stay in the cab, you can win $300 and expose someone in the service industry to a deadly pathogen.

Black Ink Compton Crew: If you can’t write something nice on your body, best not to write anything at all.

An old “Crossfire” featuring Mojo Nixon arguing with Pat Buchanan about dirty song lyrics makes us wistfully remember when the left wing liked freedom of speech.

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(Originally posted Thursday, October 11, 2007)

CSI: Tonight, a credible forensic scientist using rigorous testing proves the existence of the Dark Lord Satan.

Numb3rs: Charlie uses an ingenious mathematical formula to prove that it was Don who took his milk from the office refrigerator.

5 Fox
“Don’t Forget The Lyrics” (game show): This week, contestants are confused, wrongly thinking that half the lyrics to the classic song “Louie, Louie” must have been the word “fuck,” or at least that’s what they thought when they were 12.

Dancing With the Stars: Bruno challenges the wisdom of poet E.E. Cummings, saying, “Sometimes it is better to teach the stars how not to dance.”

Grey’s Anatomy: Izzie must confess indiscretions to Lexie about that night with Poozle and Muff. Tracheotomy performed.

13 PBS
Another Mind-Numbing Repeat of Antiques Roadshow

14 TNT
Law & Order: Episode 1,062, “The Buttocks of Insanity.”

17 The History Channel
Catherine The Great: Strange Sexual Tastes

18 Univision
Catherine The Great: Sexo Con Caballos

20 Animal Planet
If You Become Friendly With a Grizzly, Kids, Animal Cops Will Have To Kill It

21 Toon Disney
Pucca (South Korea): Fed up with her failed attempts to steal a kiss from her favorite ninja Garu, young Pucca tries the date rape drug Rohypnol

25 Discovery Health
Large, suppurating boils

28 Spike TV
Those Funny Japs

29 HGTV (Home and Garden Television)
I can’t help but think, as I look out at my perennials, of what Keats said, “Of Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies.” And yet I will plant my red valerians anyway. … Sigh.

30 Ovation
A cool documentary on music that several years ago you might have seen on Bravo, before it was chased off by style and cooking shows whose hosts have an edge of hostility and menace.

31 TLC
Thursday is boy’s night, so we have to talk about ethanol motorcycles; Friday is girl’s night, so we have to talk about dresses with hip gussets

32 National Geographic Channel
Yes, we would put the word “naked” in the program’s title if we thought that would light a fire under your ass to learn something. Jeez!

34 Showtime
Failure To Launch

35 TV Land
Bob Denver, showin’ you how it’s done.

36 Lifetime
Women: Catchin’ the Criminals and Birthin’ the Babies (A Very Sassy Police Show)

37 C-Span Books
Feminist author Susan Faludi shows you how to marginalize yourself with a dogmatic, parochial and joyless critical agenda.

38 Crosswalk Open Access Channel
Anyone who understands the concept of specific heat capacity knows 9/11 was a hoax, says young man wearing red bandana over his face.

39 Fox News
Why the Liberals Hate Our Ongoing Four-And-A-Half-Year Victory In Iraq

40 Democracy Now
Iran-Contra Is Our Continuing Cottage Industry

42 HBO
Tell Me You Love Me, Episode 5 (More like, “Show Me You Love Me In An Extended Soft-core Porno Scene That Destroys Any Kind of Narrative Rhythm”)

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