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Salon de la Guerre has two new albums coming out in the next couple of months. One of those, Hugs for Mountains is an experimental album inspired by gothic rock and ambient music. There are no instrumental tracks, but there are abundant samples and sound collages, some soothing, some aggressive.

The album takes the sampling and experimental classical approaches of my albums Liberty and Golem Vs. Duende and adds pop lyrics to them to see if something new and interesting happens.

As always, the album was written, performed, produced and arranged by yours truly at my home studio. Copyright 2021.

Here’s a sample. Enjoy!

“Someone Else’s Night”

You can’t say it’s yours
You know it’s not right
You won’t take her home
It’s someone else’s night

And when there’s 10 of you
There’s going to be a fight
The armbands come out
It’s someone else’s night

It’s an incel army
They can’t express their love
They do the opposite
They’re going to push and shove

And find someone to blame
For hogging all their light
The hate mongers come out
It’s someone else’s night

And you walk alone
You ain’t got no place
Morals got no home
Morals got no face

Terror strikes your heart
Cause hate consumes the light
No place to call home
It’s someone else’s night.

Copyright 2021. Eric Randolph Rasmussen

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–*Derek Chauvin is guilty

–*Check out Derek Chauvin in handcuffs.

–*Check out Derek Chauvin’s Wikipedia page calling him a convicted criminal.

–*Check this out to see what happened to Derek Chauvin’s bail! It was fucking revoked!

–*Here’s what you don’t do to somebody’s neck if you’re a cop.

–*This is what you don’t do with a bully if you run a police force: You don’t fucking hire him.

–*Click here to see what a neck is for if you’re a police officer.

–*Check out to see people erupt in joy as a tiny, itsy-bitsy sliver of justice is served for African-Americans.

–*Here are people still walking free after killing unarmed African-Americans. Prepare to click a lot.

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From the forthcoming album “Digital Moon,” a new song by Salon de la Guerre.

They ripped up the road that takes you downtown
Some joker cut the phone line out
I don’t know my spit cup from my drink cup
And we just dump the trash all down the mountain

Kids that were raised good turn bad from boredom
Got to shoot at the squatters cross the way
My watermelon grew the size of thimbles
And I’m feeling like a failure every day.

Pavement’s coming
Any day now
Water well is
Drying out
Pavement’s coming
Any day now
We’ll just have to figure it out

You were out there pissing on pool tables
Someone’s going to ruin all the felt
You were vandalizing motorcycles
And whoever smells is the ones that dealt

There’s nothing I can do but steal ammonia
And sell it to someone with chemistry
You can’t remain alone out in the boonies
Your sanity gets lost out in the trees

Pavement’s coming
Any day now
Water well is
Drying out
Pavement’s coming
We’ll see soon
Water well will dig us out

Written, performed and produced by Eric Randolph Rasmussen. Copyright 2021.

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Sometimes you hear
A song that punches

A hole in
Your reality

And there’s joy
In it

But also a loneliness

Because suddenly
You feel
You are outside

Of the reality
You didn’t know
You were on
The inside of

And this journey
To outsideness

Was solitary

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They put their last dollar
In the brand new gas tank
He said it in his vows:
How he’d always be frank

That they had no idea
What kind of life was in store
How he might give her nothing
But he might give her more

So she took to the diner
And he took to the drink
They loved much too often
And they laughed at the sink

It was full of used dishes
And their house it would stink
But he gave her his all
All the life he could think

And he read her that poem
She loved as a child
“How like you this body”
And her heart it went wild

For the love that’s forsaken
You can taste it in heart
And so he was loyal
Love’s best at the start

But she needed her freedom
A new poem to hear
Someone wreathing her eyes
Who besotted her ears

And she left him that liquor
And she left him to die
And he laughed at the dishes
And sometimes he cried

His love’s inventory
And she’s got the store
And he promised her less
That’s how he gave her more

And he promised her heaven
A room and a drain
And the hole drank his blood
Like the sea drank the rain

But he gave her her freedom
And a new happy heart
Cause just like in Eden
Love’s best at the start

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There’s money in your letters
There’s money in your stones
And when the angel came to collect
There was money in your bones

And he knew by the purple in your blood
And knew by the color of your woes
That you rode across the country
Driven by anger alone

Lost in the country
On the higher plains
Nothing left but ideals
And your bodily remains

It’s in the black of your lungs
And in the anger of your stew
That the desecrating angel and the revenue service
Were both out to get you

And your anger was a cross
That your children had to bear
The woman on the plains
With matted blood in her hair

Lost in the country
With a battered wife
Anger animates your bones
And gives you life

And the desecrating angel
And the government revenue knew
You were an angel of anger
And away you flew

(Lyrics for “Lost in the Country” from the 2019 album Bleed by Salon de la Guerre. Written, performed and produced by Eric Randolph Rasmussen.)

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Salon de la Guerre’s new punk album, Digital Moon, will be available in the next few weeks. Thirteen loud, fast songs about life in our confused times. Some of it I played on guitar, some of it is fabricated with my clever software.

I am still polishing the album, but this is what marketers call “creating pre-awareness.” So consider yourselves pre-aware.

As usual, all the songs were written, performed and produced by yours truly.

The album will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and other platforms where music is (still) sold.

Here’s a sample:

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