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Salon de la Guerre has two new albums coming out in the next couple of months. One of those, Hugs for Mountains is an experimental album inspired by gothic rock and ambient music. There are no instrumental tracks, but there are abundant samples and sound collages, some soothing, some aggressive.

The album takes the sampling and experimental classical approaches of my albums Liberty and Golem Vs. Duende and adds pop lyrics to them to see if something new and interesting happens.

As always, the album was written, performed, produced and arranged by yours truly at my home studio. Copyright 2021.

Here’s a sample. Enjoy!

“Someone Else’s Night”

You can’t say it’s yours
You know it’s not right
You won’t take her home
It’s someone else’s night

And when there’s 10 of you
There’s going to be a fight
The armbands come out
It’s someone else’s night

It’s an incel army
They can’t express their love
They do the opposite
They’re going to push and shove

And find someone to blame
For hogging all their light
The hate mongers come out
It’s someone else’s night

And you walk alone
You ain’t got no place
Morals got no home
Morals got no face

Terror strikes your heart
Cause hate consumes the light
No place to call home
It’s someone else’s night.

Copyright 2021. Eric Randolph Rasmussen

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