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–*College kid surprises girlfriend by showing up at her high school homecoming. She surprises him by having a new boyfriend.

–*This kid found out the hard way that wingsuits will not allow you to float through brick walls.

–*These precious young Velvet Underground fans made a cute video for one of the band’s songs that will reinforce your belief that nobody understands the Velvet Underground but you.

–*This extremely slow docking procedure on the International Space Station is a great reminder that if you viewers at home were doing the math, people would die.

–*Space litter!

–*A lion gives an antelope a hug because that would really happen in the wild.

–*This video on Bayes’ theorem overestimates the number of people who would use Bayes’ theorem if they understood Bayes’ theorem.

–*A montage of people accidentally pointing AR-15s at their family members.

–*This woman used a needle, thread and fabric to make clothing.

–*This pilot’s face did not melt off at Mach 2 like the thumbnail promised.

–*Jordan Peterson destroys trans cashier trying to give him change for a half gallon of milk.

–*Joe Rogan refuses to take a stand on putting your penis in a blender. “I’m not going to tell people not to do that.”

–*This 230 foot mega yacht will fairly quickly get your Marxist class consciousness and general covetousness confused.

–*A cartoon of Slavoj Žižek eating an apple, even though cartoons, apples and Slavoj Žižek only exist as constructs masking the reality of the non-self.

–*Ducklings getting eaten by herons.

–*A man made his own flamethrower even though a flamethrower masks the reality of the non-self.

–*A man who proves that Western music practically didn’t exist until Céline Dion changed keys in this version of “All By Myself.”

–*Demonic possession hack: You’ll invoke Satan if you play a chord with a flattened fifth.

–*Dude Imperfect can’t quite get past the “throwing eggs at people’s houses and videotaping it” concept stage.

–*Neville Gamer TV begs you to subscribe to his videos playing handheld Mattel football electronic games.

–*NASA tries to up the sex appeal by having an astronaut’s clothes come off spontaneously under 3 G’s of force at rocket launch.

–*Clips from The Sopranos.

–*Clips from Game of Thrones.

–*A video you made yourself of your baby puking.

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In a few days, I’ll be releasing another album on the major music platforms. This one’s an ambient album and it’s called Cold For Mars. I’ve avoided making ambient albums in the past because I felt they were too easy to create, and if I were to pursue that line indefinitely, I could be making 20 albums a year and producing even more noise pollution than I do now. That’s not to say I don’t greatly admire acts like Four Tet and Bonobo and Oneohtrix Point Never. And I love Brian Eno’s ambient albums, of course. Furthermore, I understand the great need people have for albums with a hallucinatory effect and their need to chill out to them.

I suppose I could have called my album Golem Vs. Duende ambient, but it was closer to industrial and I’m not sure it’s something anybody chilled to.

In any case, I’ve released the latest album early on Bandcamp, and you can find it there if you’d like to sample it and decide if it’s your thing.

As usual, I composed and recorded the album myself at my home studio in New York City. I conceived of, recorded it and mastered it over the course of eight days. (My other albums this year took quite a bit longer, that includes my next album, Wings Made of Cash–a pop work that is taking a bit more time to fuss over.)

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