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Salon de la Guerre’s 27th album, Digital Moon, is now available on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and other sites where music is streamed or sold. The new album is mostly punk and alternative rock influenced by the likes of the Ramones, Husker Du, the Replacements and the Pixies.

As I say on my Bandcamp page, it’s a work on the themes of politics, futurism, environmentalism, the desire for outer space and how we’re also still chained to more worldly human desire. The album considers the ramifications of the plastic that we are shedding into our breathable air, the spirituality that is either gained or lost by our automobiles, the desire to orbit the Earth and the yearning for things such as robots and Real Dolls that sometimes free us to live to our spiritual potential and sometimes hold us back.

I made the album at my home studio in New York, and it features instrumental guitar performances alongside a lot of electronic tomfoolery.

As always, the album was written, performed and produced by yours truly.

Here’s a sample of the latest album:

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From the forthcoming album “Digital Moon,” a new song by Salon de la Guerre.

They ripped up the road that takes you downtown
Some joker cut the phone line out
I don’t know my spit cup from my drink cup
And we just dump the trash all down the mountain

Kids that were raised good turn bad from boredom
Got to shoot at the squatters cross the way
My watermelon grew the size of thimbles
And I’m feeling like a failure every day.

Pavement’s coming
Any day now
Water well is
Drying out
Pavement’s coming
Any day now
We’ll just have to figure it out

You were out there pissing on pool tables
Someone’s going to ruin all the felt
You were vandalizing motorcycles
And whoever smells is the ones that dealt

There’s nothing I can do but steal ammonia
And sell it to someone with chemistry
You can’t remain alone out in the boonies
Your sanity gets lost out in the trees

Pavement’s coming
Any day now
Water well is
Drying out
Pavement’s coming
We’ll see soon
Water well will dig us out

Written, performed and produced by Eric Randolph Rasmussen. Copyright 2021.

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Salon de la Guerre’s new punk album, Digital Moon, will be available in the next few weeks. Thirteen loud, fast songs about life in our confused times. Some of it I played on guitar, some of it is fabricated with my clever software.

I am still polishing the album, but this is what marketers call “creating pre-awareness.” So consider yourselves pre-aware.

As usual, all the songs were written, performed and produced by yours truly.

The album will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and other platforms where music is (still) sold.

Here’s a sample:

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BleedSalon de la Guerre has just released its 19th album, Bleed. It’s a collection of punky, poppy and occasionally soulful songs that sometimes drifts into country-ish singing and which features at least one of my out-of-control guitar solos.

The album is now available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and Spotify, among many other music streaming services in the U.S. and abroad.

I can’t speak for comparisons, but my friends say the album reminds them of Mark Lemhouse, the Pixies and/or Black Francis, Sugar and/or Bob Mould and Matthew Sweet. If you’d asked me, I would have said that I’d had the Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, X and (yes) the Pixies in mind, but only because I always have these groups in mind when I’m doing anything. I have two songs where the harmony vocals are probably the major attraction and I think I sound a little like Seals & Crofts. Not something I would have planned. At some point, your inspiration and direction must compromise with the reality of your voice and what it does well. I often wish I had a Sonic Youth voice, but I don’t really.

I wrote, performed and produced the album and I’m responsible for all the sounds and solos, some of which are on actual guitar, some of which make use of Apple’s wonderful Garage Band software for the iPhone.

Here is a sample of one of the new songs, with lyrics:

“Praise Javelin” by Salon de la Guerre
Music and Lyrics By Eric Rasmussen
Copyright 2019

Now the time has come to praise javelin
Civil war is now your brand
Biblical violence and the handshake of a salesman
A peaceful finger turn to warful hand

Sky worshipper protecting the land
Easy to use; easy to understand;
You see crosses and cross the land

You turned to homicidal ideation
When the masses came and turned on your man
You speak cant and speak the tongues of babble land
Fashion words into a fisted hand

Sky worshipper protecting the land
Easy to use; easy to understand
Biblical violence is now your brand

Where pretty baby did you get that complex?
Was it the woody finish of a vintage wrath?
Praise the father and his heart full of GORE-TEX
Praise the mother made of wire and cans

Sky worshipper protecting the land
Easy to use; easy to understand;
You see crosses and cross the land

There’s a scrap of the prophecy in my hand
No longer tied to the ideals of my homeland
There’s a scrap of the prophecy in my hand
And in my dreams, I inherit nothing but sand


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