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Salon de la Guerre’s 27th album, Digital Moon, is now available on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and other sites where music is streamed or sold. The new album is mostly punk and alternative rock influenced by the likes of the Ramones, Husker Du, the Replacements and the Pixies.

As I say on my Bandcamp page, it’s a work on the themes of politics, futurism, environmentalism, the desire for outer space and how we’re also still chained to more worldly human desire. The album considers the ramifications of the plastic that we are shedding into our breathable air, the spirituality that is either gained or lost by our automobiles, the desire to orbit the Earth and the yearning for things such as robots and Real Dolls that sometimes free us to live to our spiritual potential and sometimes hold us back.

I made the album at my home studio in New York, and it features instrumental guitar performances alongside a lot of electronic tomfoolery.

As always, the album was written, performed and produced by yours truly.

Here’s a sample of the latest album:

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