Archive for November 24th, 2009

–*An Oregon Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley

–*A 2004 Cotes du Rhone

–*A double malt scotch aged in peat

–*Postprandial sorbet

–*Postprandial hypoglycemia

–*A debate about Kierkegaard’s defense of Abraham and his murderous intentions toward Isaac

–*A debate about who knows more about Kierkegaard

–*An out and out fight that might have been about Kierkegaard when it started but is now mainly about who is doing all the dishes

–*A fight followed by some Neapolitan ice cream you can scoop your damn self

–*A double maduro cigar

–*A twin sister act from Reno

–*David Lee Roth would love to come to your house

–*Rhino tranquilizer

–*A liter of El Salvadoran aguardiente topped off with anise, sugar cane and radiator fluid

–*Reading out loud The Nature of Things by the Roman poet Lucretius

–*Getting the cat drunk

–*A discussion about the ambiguity between major and Lydian modes in music

–*Throwing wet paper towels at the TV screen while “For the Love of Ray J” is on.

–*A phone call from the governor

–*A discussion about Hegel’s concept of antithesis along with a huge bowl of M&M’s that gives us diarrhea.



–*Chocolate chip cookies and porn

–*Fugu fish liver followed by human nerve death

–*Some guy playing guitar, same as he does at the nursing home every night

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