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Sarah + Palin

Sarah + Palin + book

Sarah + Palin + “Going Rogue”

Sarah + Palin + “Getting Off Point”

Sarah + Palin + “Going Off message”

Sarah + Palin + “Losing Thread of Conversation”

“Sarah Palin” + “Not following discussion”

Sarah + Palin + “Wandering Into A Ditch”

“Sarah Palin” + “folksy”

“Sarah Palin” + “plain spoken”

“Sarah Palin and Tall”

“Levi Johnston” + Playgirl

“Sarah Palin” + “Levi Johnston” + embarrassment

“When will Levi Johnston be in Playgirl?”

“Where can I find the Levi Johnston Playgirl?”

“How can I be in Playgirl?”

Playgirl + Levi + “gay icon” + YMCA

Levi Johnston + “pitcher or catcher”

How will Levi Johnston’s Playgirl pictorial affect Sarah Palin?

Will Levi Johnston’s pictorial embarrass Sarah Palin?

Is Levi Johnston’s pictorial the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to Sarah Palin?

“Sarah Palin” + “Katie Couric” + 2008 interview

“Sarah Palin” + “didn’t know Africa was a continent”

“Sarah Palin” + “lied about firing of state employee”

“Sarah Palin” + “lied about end of life care”

“Sarah Palin” + “doesn’t read newspapers”

“Sarah Palin” + “fails most basic fact checks”

Republicans + “health care bills”

Republicans + “health care bills” + oppose

Republicans + “health care bills” + Nazi takeover + “socialized medicine” + communism + “Glenn Beck”

Why do Republicans oppose health care reform?

“Chuck Grassley” + “ranking Republican” + “Senate Finance Committee” + “health insurance industry” + “third-quarter campaign contributions” + “more than $150,000”

“Grover Norquist” + “tax freedom”+ “starve the beast” + “huge deficits”

Why do we have such huge deficits?

“Iraq War” + “$2 trillion” + “George Bush” + “2003 tax cuts” + “can’t do simple math”

“Glenn Beck” + sociopath + “blunt affect” + “cult leader” + “dissociative thought disorder” + “Peter Finch” + “Network” + “ratings bonanza”

“Todd Palin” + shirtless + “hubba hubba”

“Are Sarah Palin and Todd Palin getting a divorce?”

“Am I going to get a divorce?”

“Am I going to lose my job?”

“Where can I get Viagra?”

“Where can I get Viagra in Jackson, Mississippi?”

“Jackson, Mississippi” + “bus schedule”

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