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What cryptic status updates are we leaving on Facebook and Twitter to the confusion of our friends?

–*Jamie isn’t going to take this anymore.

–*Peggy wishes some people would just grow up!

–*Rod says you haven’t heard the last of fucking me.

–*Sally just wishes the fist blows to her legs and stomach would stop!

–*Bill says Hamster? Duct tape? Any ideas?

–*Vanna says get a clue!

–*Heather: You wish!

–*Jody: In your dreams, butt lick!

–*Hillary: Only if you make more money than I do.

–*Jamie-Lynn: The nerve of some people!

–*Carmela: Am I looking at that guy’s nuts?

–*Rudy: You win this time, German government!

–*Angelina alone will decide who replaces Angelina.

–*Luke: That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

–*Charlie M: A bizzle bizzle bozzle bozzle!

–*Tom C: You are a thetan who has forgotten his true nature. And if I meet any suppressed people …. a bizzle bizzle bozzle bozzle!

–*Sam is not just a pedophile, he’s a rebel.

–*Dehlia says it’s just not the same without The Gimp here anymore.

–*Tommy this is not Tommy this is his grandfather and these people are holding me hostage and making me take my medication and I just want to die with a little dignity.

–*@Tammy is a sniveling slug who will lick your boot, says Master, and she must tell everyone on the Internet that she is such a slug and she may only eat three peas today, thank you Master.


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