Archive for January 19th, 2010

–*A wedding cake with all 1,000 pages of the prenuptial agreement written on the top in rolled fondant.

–*A cake representation of baby’s first solid poop.

–*A giant bursting cake depicting the Hindenburg disaster.

–*A giant appendix made of marzipan on the occasion of cousin Joey’s appendectomy.

–*A Three Mile Island Cake

–*A highly graphic bris cake

–*Doing a baby shower cake with a pregnant belly on it that lactates soy milk and suffers from anal prolapse in a special display made of ganache.

–*A hysterectomy cake

–*An episiotomy cake

–*A colostomy cake

–*A first menstruation cake with extra cherry filling

–*A cake that has shrapnel from a Vietnam-era dum-dum round tumbling around inside of it, just like Uncle Joe.

–*A cake for the legal team who defended the use of torture during the Bush administration, featuring a dog pile of enemy combatants unprotected by the Geneva Convention.

–*You know what would be cooler than a stripper jumping out of a cake? How about a stripper handing you a subpoena for family court?

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