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Help Haiti!

I just gave $100 to Doctors Without Borders for help with the Haitian earthquake crisis and I encourage all my readers to do the same!

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

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–*I lost my job. Am I a loser?

–*Why has George Clooney fallen out of love with me? Did I do something wrong?

–*I know I’m going deaf because I just can’t hear the first 30 minutes of McCabe & Mrs. Miller.

–*I must have been dressing too sexy for Mr. Polanski.

–*I wish I didn’t have a sexual orientation that made everybody so uncomfortable.

–*Damn me, always getting shot in the face.

–*Me and my stupid vulnerability to lead paint poisoning.

–*Who am I to ask for health insurance from the government?

–*If I weren’t gay and pro choice, 9/11 just wouldn’t have happened.

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