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Survivor: America. The contestants go five years in the U.S. without affordable health care.


Bachelorette: The Outbreak


It’s too late to force Michael Jackson to make a psychological breakthrough, but we can still try to get him to confess his sins in rerun interviews.

10 CNN

Larry King is delighted by this uncompromising blonde woman.

13 PBS

Frontline offers a lot of indisputable facts, then profiles a group that disputes them.

14 TNN

Does my monster truck feel pain? A TNN exclusive.


A principled anchor spends 10 minutes explaining why she’s not going to do a thirty-second news story about Paris Hilton.

17 Discovery Channel

“Blowhole!” a show either about blue whales or about six young women forced to live in a Ft. Lauderdale condo. We’re not sure yet from the TV listing, nor, apparently, have the show’s creators made up their minds.

20 TNT

“Everybody Loves Raymond”

21 E! Entertainment

“Everybody Has Loved Winona Ryder.”

22 Vh-1

In a very sad “Pop-Up Video,” the “pop ups” turn out to be deadly, malignant buboes

23 Spike TV

“Grab Da Phone!” In a funny turn on “Punk’d” and “Candid Camera,” we videotape our roving correspondents beating people in the kneecaps and stealing their IPods.

25 Fox News

One of us. One of us. One of us.

26 HBO

“Everybody Loves Uncle Junior”

27 HBO 2

A show about why prostitutes do what they do. Yeah, I know, we’ve done it before, but this time we really really want to know. Seriously. We’re just curious about the subject.


Sportscaster Erin Andrews returns to coverage.

31 Bravo

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” this week teach us how to reduce a consommé and hide a gun in your vagina.

32 Cinemax

Movie: “500 Days of Hummers.”

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