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–*Inflation might be higher than reported because the reporting agencies keep it artificially low.

–*The personal savings rate going forward might not be enough to re-energize economic growth.

–*Kanye West is an obnoxious bully who must compensate for low self-esteem in childhood by constantly feeling out and redefining his own ego boundaries without any sort of inhibiting social force to stop him.  Given his lack of self-understanding and the sense of powerlessness he likely feels, the gold paraphernalia he wears is of little real value.

–*According to the “efficient market hypothesis,” the market as a whole understands the true value of things because of constant adjustments, value that individuals alone may or may not understand. In other words, the market has developed cognitive thought and will rise from the murky depths like Godzilla and crush you.

–*But really, if the market always knew best, then tell me: Why in the hell are the Jonas Brothers still popular?

–*Too much government intervention hurts the economy. This is said with much conviction these days by people who live in trailers.

–*Supply side economic advocates say that increased private sector investment creates extra supply that foments its own demand. Keynesian economists, on the other hand, say that increased governmental spending on infrastructure causes a cascade of spending and growth in the economy. Either way, it tends to help Steven Spielberg.

–*People during fashion week look totally “money” as Vince Vaughn said in Swingers.

–*People who adhere with ideological purity to their small government beliefs will destroy the economy, the government, you, me and themselves before they ever let that particular conviction of theirs die–and thus let the intellectual insecurity behind it stand naked.

–*The market is efficient and people know everything they need to know to make an informed decision. Except, of course, Bernie Madoff’s clients. Boy, did those guys ever get fucked in the ass!


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