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–*A Nintendo Wii

–*A Nintendo Wii and child support

–*A big glass of eggnog and primary custody of the child

–*An amicus brief from the American Civil Liberties Union, sent by Fed Ex to Alabama

–*A Pleo robotic dinosaur and a public health option

–*A Jedi concentration console, which allows you to levitate an orb with your brainwaves, and a recall of obstructionist Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, which would allow you to pass decent health care legislation with your brainwaves.

–*Malibu rum, for your feelings.

–*EyeClops Night Vision Goggles, to teach your children stalking skills early in life.

–*Transformer movie action toys make a great gift, say bloggers compromised by advertising money

–*A Ronald Reagan doll with invisible stealth government, large paper deficits and extra wealth disparity.

–*A job.

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My mother’s dog Max doing his imitation of the Montauk Monster. Is it a man? Bear? Pit bull? Pig? Fish? We’ll never know.

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