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(Originally posted Tuesday, September 23, 2008 )

What are the tell-tale signs that your favorite reality TV show or your marriage has jumped the shark?

–*He’s drinking too much

–*Tyra is drinking too much

–*You and your husband have agreed to always take separate vacations

–*Everybody on the island has put it to a vote and decided the Earth is flat.

–*Your wife is asking for the passwords to all your financial accounts

–*Kim Kardashian’s accountant is now a regular on the show

–*Your husband wants to inject part of his ass into his face

–*Tyra has invented the “cleavage cam”

–*Nobody knows where the kids are

–*Nobody knows where the kids are

–*Ted McGinley

–*Couples therapy has fallen down on the priority list below replacing the liner on the above-ground pool

–*Couples therapy is the next episode

–*You no longer laugh together at “Everybody Loves Raymond”

–*Nobody loves to see Scott Baio taking a crap.

–*Half the TV screen is digitally scrambled naked chicks


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