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Chris Burke, the simply awesome actor who played the sly and devious “Alex” in The Retributioners-Episode 16: The American Dream, is also a filmmaker as well and part of the online comedy juggernaut known as “Manic Attack. You can check out all their videos here. We must also thank Manic Attack co-conspirator Tommy Walsh, for contributing space, time and production expertise to our latest episode, not to mention my first camera dolly shot ever!

If that’s not enough, they also write a very funny blog.

One of their latest films is a slam on all those Twitter Tweeters who haven’t learned the rules of the road:

Check it out here: Get the F&$# Out of My #FollowFriday, featuring another Manic Attacker: Casey Webb.

In other news, Blip.TV has featured “The Retributioners Episode 16” on the top of its home page today. We love Blip!

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The new episode of “The Retributioners” is here! Episode 16–The American Dream.

In this latest installment, Stephanie confronts a stock broker who lost her all her money.

Watch it here, but also be sure to visit www.theretributioners.tv to see all our episodes.

This episode features Christopher Burke, who also co-writes and co-directs as part of the comedy team at Manic Attack Pictures. Go and check out all their commercial parodies, music videos, and viral videos at Manicattack.com.

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