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Chris Burke, the simply awesome actor who played the sly and devious “Alex” in The Retributioners-Episode 16: The American Dream, is also a filmmaker as well and part of the online comedy juggernaut known as “Manic Attack. You can check out all their videos here. We must also thank Manic Attack co-conspirator Tommy Walsh, for contributing space, time and production expertise to our latest episode, not to mention my first camera dolly shot ever!

If that’s not enough, they also write a very funny blog.

One of their latest films is a slam on all those Twitter Tweeters who haven’t learned the rules of the road:

Check it out here: Get the F&$# Out of My #FollowFriday, featuring another Manic Attacker: Casey Webb.

In other news, Blip.TV has featured “The Retributioners Episode 16” on the top of its home page today. We love Blip!

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