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I stepped on a beetle

Put it on the table to look at its broken and golden back

I waited, feeling somehow it was not dead

And when it started to crawl, I knew my faith

Had fragile legs


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Still Good

I ran home

To see if the poem I had written was still good

Last night’s meat was all over the kitchen

There were things to unpack and stuff to toss out

You forget and you are hungry again

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Light Being

You sit next to me, dishabille, with

the curve swelling


Dressed in the patterns of Sunday paper

afternoons (airplanes crashing)

Looking at your hair

blown by wind over the pillow. Lipstick. Sun

comes through the ocean screen ‑ a wet calm

from juniper trees outside.


The cat plays in a blue light camisole

We threw off the bed. Tweesers

next to a hair. Rarebit in

the stewpot. Kinch. Rind.


I felt your own hot tears on the

back of my neck last night ‑


You didn’t even ask me what was wrong.

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It hangs from a

single stud,

A belt pierced by a boutonniere and tailor’s needles

More than something they fight over:

A belt that draws sisters together at the waist


Two girls, undressed

By the same hands

passing the same cigarette back and forth

Kick around the closet rooting for shoes, brown shoes

Unscrewing notebooks and letters

And light bulbs and kisses

From old sockets


Scratching their nipples


comparing white, sickly tongues

Throwing tampons, tampons

Like cotton footballs, soft dross

of earrings

falling next to pictures of a man


In this closet, love is spoken in clicks and whistles


And anger is passed along the warm lip

of a brandy glass


(Originally posted Aug. 20, 2007)

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