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The Mr. Banana Grabber T-Shirt

I was going to blog about the Israel-Palestinian conflict today, but instead I thought I’d make you jealous with my cool Mr. Banana Grabber t-shirt, given to me by my sister for Christmas. Not only do I get to show off my love for the long-dormant TV show “Arrested Development,” but I get to do it with an achingly obscure sub-reference.

Meanwhile, in Israel, Palestinian negotiators were embarrassed by a series of leaks to television station Al Jazeera suggesting they have all along been making huge concessions to Israel, including the right of the Jewish state to annex parts of contested East Jerusalem. Protests have erupted among the Palestinians accusing the papers of being lies and propaganda, and now both sides in the conflict, to prove themselves sufficiently strong, will likely have to backtrack and return to anachronistic negotiating strategies and arguments.

So I hope I’ve kept you up to date on all this fun / patently horrible news.

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What tangential argument did we lapse into while debating Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland?

–*Provincial Americans don’t appreciate fine, sophisticated sex with 13-year-olds.

–*Everybody’s a hypocrite. Polanski. The judge. The prosecutor. And especially my ex-wife Laraine.

–*Well I certainly hope people forgive me after 32 years for whatever I might have done, though it’s none of your business what that might have been.

–*You Polanski defenders make me sick. He goes free while you Zionists continue to live on our Palestinian soil.

–*Look, the girl he raped is grown up and she said she forgives him. Why do you people have to bring the law into a relationship that was belatedly between two adults?

–*How can you pick “The Tenant” over “Rosemary’s Baby”? You’re just being an asshole now.

–*I don’t care what you elitists think, an artist should not be spared when he commits a crime, not even when his mother was killed by the Nazis, his wife by the Manson Family or his chance for a fair trial by a showboating Hollywood media whore judge.

–*We shouldn’t ever take mitigating circumstances into account when somebody commits a crime, and if that sounds extreme to you, then come back in a week when my lithium has kicked in and I’ll probably sound a bit more reasonable.

–*I’m sure that the U.S. would willingly give up its own international fugitives from France if asked. Like Henry Kissinger, for instance.

–*I know it’s an important topic, but did “The Pianist” have to be so depressing?

–*When a person is victimized as a child by people like the Nazis, it’s very explainable how he might victimize somebody himself later on, and we owe Roman Polanski the benefit of our compassion. But honestly, I’m still inclined against him because “Bitter Moon,” was such a misogynistic and self-indulgent piece of shit.

–*Hasn’t Roman Polanski suffered enough for his crime? For 32 years he’s had to sit in France and get medals and money and fuck his highly erotic wife Emmanuelle Seigner. Can’t we just leave him alone?

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