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(Originally posted Wednesday, February 13, 2008 )

“Roger Clemens”+steroids

“Roger Clemens”+wife+steroids

“Roger Clemens”+wife+bikini+steroids

“Roger Clemens”+”Brian McNamee”+wife+steroids

“Jose Canseco”+wife+bikini

“Debbie Clemens”+”Jessica Canseco”+”comparing physiques in mirror”

“Debbie Clemens”+bikini+”Sports Illustrated”

“Jessica Canseco”+naked+Playboy

“Andy Pettitte”+”human growth hormone”+prudent+discreet


Clemens+steroids+”statistically impossible”

“John McCain”+”front-runner”

“John McCain”+”front-runner”+Barack

“Mitt Romney”+”Rush Limbaugh”+crying

“John McCain”+”Barack Obama”+”audacity of hope”

“What does platitude mean?”

“Is hope a platitude?”

“Why does John McCain hate platitudes?”

“Why does John McCain hate hope?”

McCain+”Hanoi Hilton”+torture

McCain+”Fidel Castro”+”pissing match”

“Roger Clemens”+”wife took human growth hormone”

“Did Debbie Clemens take human growth hormone?”

“Does human growth hormone cause aggression?”

“Roger Clemens”+”2000 World Series” and “threw baseball bat at Mike Piazza”

“Roger Clemens”+”threw bat”+”$50,000 fine”

“Roger Clemens”+”Congressional oversight committee”+”I don’t believe you”

“American Idol”

“American Idol”+”female singer”+”dad just died”

“How many American Idol contestants’ dads just died?”

“American Idol”+”female singer”+”dad just died”+”statistically impossible”

“Paul Abdul”+rehab

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