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Binge Watch

She gave him a choice—

She’d sleep with him on the first date

Or he could wait and let the relationship develop.

All of her at once, one and done.

Or he could wait and maybe be her boyfriend

Share more days, perhaps more months, more years—50 years.

Funerals marriages miscarriages births rent checks bridesmaids

Wills estate planning

“But no do-overs,” she said.

“Fuck me tonight, and you’re gone after that.”


It was like haggling over a color TV

On Fulton Street


But he pawed at her. Yes, shit, of course he pawed at her.

He couldn’t help it

He had had had to have her and lose her forever

“I’ll call a car service.”


My advice, gents, is wait.

You will never go wrong with somebody

That specific

How good would it have been to be wanted

By somebody who knows exactly what she wants?

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