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… is to accept the fact that he was assassinated by a lone gunman. For 50 years, we have mistaken superstition for enlightened skepticism, built suspicion upon suspicion rather than fact upon fact, narrated innocent people into guilt and succumbed to peer pressure that everything ought to be doubted, including things you can see right in front of your face, if it makes us feel some control over history … if it makes us feel somehow less helpless. It is a way of saying we’ll indulge alternate realities rather than find other, more productive things to do with our time to impact our own lives and human history. Conspiracy theories are your own way of saying you won’t do the due diligence of thought, that you would rather doubt simple, unhappy facts rather than live with them. It is religion by any other name.

You’ll do that inspiring but flawed, misunderstood and not-altogether effective president a bigger service if you quit dragging his memory through the mud of your own neuroses. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Three bullets were enough. The first eyewitness accounts were the right ones.

Get over it.

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