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IMG_4339If you are a long-suffering fan of my music (and you can take that statement two ways) then you’ll be happy to know that you’re about to get a slew of new works from my project Salon De La Guerre. Within a few months, I hope to release a whole album’s worth of new material. Some of these pieces have already appeared on my home page in the past, but I’ve kicked up the production for the rest of the album into high gear, producing several new pieces in the last month and a half.

The work is a loose concept album called “The Mechanical Bean,” which follows the unhappy experiences of a farm family that develops superpowers after genetically modified corporate pollen blows onto their land. The album is a mix of garage rock and experimental noise stuff. My usual interests. My hope is that by the middle of next year I’ll have a total of 60 songs up on this Web site.

Though you might have already heard “The Mechancial Bean Part I,” I’m offering you now its follow up, called “Transformation Part 1.” Enjoy it here or here.

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