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–*Governor Rick Perry has executed 234 death row inmates, some of them presumably guilty.

–*If pilots, stewardesses and passengers had been armed on the airlines, 9/11 would never have happened says Ron Paul. Also, if babies were armed, there would be no child molestation.

–*As people born free in nature, we should not submit to the government giving us health care and unemployment insurance, providing for the general welfare, giving us R&D money, establishing a Congress, building roads, delivering mail, setting borders, putting out fires, setting standards, striking coinage or stopping raw sewage from running through the streets.

–*No, government’s job is mostly to sit back and watch as we make cheese by the river and occasionally shoot each other in the face, usually over a woman.

–*Cherchez la femme!

–*Obamacare has sent Christians to re-education camps where Mandarin children with machine guns decide who lives and who dies.

–*Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. By that definition, so are pensions, mutual funds, charities, banks, savings & loans, and anything else that doesn’t require you to haul a giant piece of gold around like a big turd.

–*Texas has such a booming economy, says Rick Perry, that he had to import a lot of people with real educations from socialist countries like California to come operate it.

–*Abortion is a states rights issue to be decided by the Congress.

–*The founding fathers were against abortion, says Rick Perry (even though abortion wasn’t illegal in most states until the mid 19th century).

–*The financial crisis was a systemic crisis caused by inept leadership, says Sarah Palin (even though that’s a complete contradiction in terms).

–*Government spending crowds out investment.  And here we thought a world of shitty investments crowded out investments.

–*Ron Paul shows clearly how being NO. 2 in the polls can look a lot like No. 10 if you’re watching Fox News.

–*Ron Paul wants to return to an era of government deregulation, retrenchment and all the other things that made our Great Recession so great.

–*Socialized medicine and the bailouts and Acorn and states’ rights and 9/11 mosque and Islamization of America …

–*We need government out of our lives … but one of these candidates would probably invade Iran.

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