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My album “Toe-Tapping Songs Album Cover JPEGToe-Tapping Songs of Pain and Loss” has been reviewed on the Web site “The Equal Ground,” a site dedicated to undiscovered artists. The review is tough, but fair. Sometimes the reviewer thinks my stuff is gold and sometimes it gives him a headache. Sorry about the latter! You can hear a lot of other great artists at the site. Check it out.


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The new album “Toe-Tapping Songs of Pain and Loss” by Salon De La Guerre

As my regular readers might have noticed, I’ve added quite a bit of my new music to “Beauty is Imperfection” in the last couple of months. Salon De La Guerre now has almost 80 songs and six albums’ worth of material.

Better yet, you can now own my songs. Two of my albums, “Time-Traveling Humanist Mangled By Space Turbine,” and “Toe-Tapping Songs of Pain and Loss” are now available on iTunes, Amazon, MySpace and Spotify, among other well-trafficked music sites.

You can see my Amazon page here. In the next couple of months, I hope to upload four additional albums, as well as launch a dedicated music home page and Facebook page for Salon De La Guerre. You can also enjoy my avant garage rock experiments right here, of course.

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