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Our friend Maggie Hames reviewed several new TV shows at the site “Media Darlings” yesterday and gave an incredibly nice shout out to the “The Retributioners,” calling Stephanie a “Mary Tyler Moore for the 21st century.” I love reading Maggie, who has helped ease me into the role of parent as culture vulture a bit more easily with such cool columns as “Apps For Babies.”

She also says that our show is miles above two new NBC sitcoms, “Up All Night” and “Free Agents.” I have to say, I’m a bit bummed by that: I was hoping that “Up All Night” might be a new show for me to fall in love with, not only as a new parent facing the same issues, but as a huge Will Arnett fan who has watched all the episodes of “Arrested Development” twice. But Maggie says the show lacks pragmatism. “Get a nanny!” she yells at the screen.

As for “The Retributioners,” we’re glad that the show keeps giving good karma, even though we haven’t put out a new one in a while. Maggie needs to write a new blog called “How to keep your Web series going when you’re a new parent.”

I’m trying to work the baby into the plot some how. Maybe an episode in which Stephanie gets even with Xander for her post-partum depression. You all like that? Raise your hands!

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