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–*”This film is a kiddie-noir trash classic, throbbing with an itch some of us just can’t scratch enough.”

–*”This movie is filth of a high order. It reeks like a pair of smutty discarded panties on a hot day. And it’s great!”

–*”Matt Dillon has the unctuous essence of a Brownie hound. And that’s why he’s a star.”

–*”Denise Richards gives the performance of a lifetime. The emergence of three stars all in one!”

–*”Neve Campbell squints to beat the band.”

–*”Sometimes it’s exciting to see fresh-faced up-and-comers participate in their own degradation and murder their own careers right before your very eyes with such ebullient glee.”

–*”The ancient alchemists might have learned a thing or two from Bill Murray, who can literally spin gold from shit.”

–*”The makers of ‘Wild Things’ know that it’s not enough to scandalize your audience. You’ve also got to charge them a pretty penny for the thrill of being debased.”

–*”If this movie offends your sensibilities … well who asked you to come here with your sensibilities?”

–*”My, my, my, Kyra Sedgwick is a lucky girl.”

–*”You say ‘no plot,’ like it’s a bad thing. What are you, a nun?”

–*”Some people say that ‘Wild Things’ is a travesty of taste, but the joke is on them, because they’ve overrated taste and they’ve underrated travesty.”

–*”If you can’t just sit back and enjoy a wine-fueled orgy with hot female teens, then you obviously have no feelings.”

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