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(Originally posted Sunday, October 26, 2008 )

–*The Boy Who Twittered Wolf. A heart-warming tale about a boy who kept asking on his Twitter, “When are the Jonas Brothers coming to town?” only to find that nobody listened when he wrote, “Oh my God! My family is being disemboweled!”

–*Mufster and Pecksniff Find a Dead Body

–*The Adventures of Track, Piper, Willow, Trig, Bristol Vol. 5. In this episode, the five children outsmart the evil, smug and self-righteous Nurse Vegan.

–*Miffy and Fleady Survive the Irish “Troubles”: In this episode, Miffy and Fleady find out that parades aren’t always fun. In fact, sometimes they are an incendiary political act with fatal repercussions.

–*Heather Has Only One Mommy, But Both Kinds of Genitalia

–*The Adventures of Sarah and Todd: In this volume, the super governor and her husband find an odd, buffering medium that magically shields them from criminal indictment.

–*Mr. Bear Meets Mr. Gun

–*Governor Palin Flays and Eats Bullwinkle

–*Why Mr. Rabbit Can’t Have Any More Baby Rabbits After Vietnam

–*The Funny Pig Who Thought He Was A Sheepdog (But Was Instead Classified as an Enemy Combatant and Thus Was No Longer Subject to the Geneva Convention in the Eyes of the Bush Administration and Was Thus Water-Boarded and Told To Dig His own Grave)

–*The Sad Story of Mr. Depreciated Dollar Bill

–*The Littlest German National Socialist

–*The VeggieTales: Episode 486: Where Larry the Cucumber finds out that God gives everybody a chance and that even a seemingly innocuous cultivated gourd like himself can be a hero to a 23-year-old French blonde nymphomaniac.

–*Busby and Griff Cause an International Diplomatic Crisis: In this episode, Busby needs the help of the Turkish government to find Griff, so he ought pick his battles, keep his mouth shut and realize now is not the time to bring up the 90-year-old genocide of the Armenians.

–*Daddy Wants To Have Parts Like Mommy

–*Is Buford Bear Gay or Just Sensitive?

–*Momma Kitty Wants A Box (And To Eat The Afterbirth)

–*W’s Bad Day

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