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The Mechancial Bean Album Cover copyIn May, I released the album “The Mechanical Bean” on iTunes, Amazon.com and other amazing sites where music is (still) sold. This one’s a bit of a concept album and my only double album.

A mix of electronic experiments, American primitive guitar picking and simple pop songs, “The Mechanical Bean” is a mini opera about a family of poor farmers who find themselves possessed of superpowers after a patented strain of genetically modified super grain blows onto their land. At first lionized by their community for fighting crime, they later find themselves sued by corporations for patent infringement and demonized by anti-authoritarians. A son gets sick from the very substance that made him a hero. Tragedy follows. The family is outcast. Maybe there is time in the end for redemption.

You can buy this 22-song album here on Amazon. Or you can listen to the songs in sequence on the right side of this page, starting with the song “Morning (The Mechanical Bean Part 1)” and ending with the song “All Mechanical,” to make sure you like it and won’t have buyer’s remorse.

Enjoy! If you like what you hear, please feel free to write a review on Amazon or iTunes or share my music with others. If it weren’t for good word of mouth, I might start to think this music is all just a dream I’m having.

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