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Controversial media mogul Andrew Breitbart, the creator of such conservative Web sites as Big Government, Breitbart.TV and Big Hollywood, has died at age 43. Despite his confrontation with government, left-leaning legislators and the mainstream media, his passing has evoked measured response. What were some of the headlines about his death?

–*Andrew Breitbart, A Ghandi for Liars, Dies at 43

–*Death Cuts Short a Life Of Dishonest Video Editing

–*Breitbart–Biased, Blogging Beacon to Boobs–Buys Farm

–*The Passing of Web Media Hero Ends A Life of Stopping Progress

–*Race Baiters Lose Their John Lennon

–*Andrew Breitbart, Who Was Glad When Ted Kennedy Died, Probably Wishes He Could Take It Back This Morning

–*Exposer of Weiner’s Weiner Exposure Expires

–*Breitbart Dead; Who Will Frame Black Public Servants Now? Ask Racists

–*Man Who Destroyed Affordable Housing Program With Cooked Video Footage Ascends to Heaven To Sit at the Right Hand of Ultra Conservative and Spiteful Jehovah

–*Pioneer News Aggregator Crosses A Less Happy Frontier

–*Breitbart’s Passing Reminds People that All Death Diminishes Us, Even a Slime Bag’s

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